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Articles for tags 'state-stores' SolidJS and UI architecture Taking web apps to the next level [2023 January 30] SolidJS, ui, architecture, stores, state-stores, ViewModels

This is an article about SolidJS, a rising JS library for creating web applications, about etalon UI application architecture I've worked out during the years and about implementing that architecture with SolidJS.

SolidJS combines fast and reliable reactivity based on tracking every data read and write (like KnockoutJS and MobX), with the elegance of JSX based templates (like React) and store-based approach to state (like Redux). SolidJS piqued my interest, because these specific patterns have proved to be best in my 10+ years of Web development, and SolidJS does not just bring them together in a cohesive manner, it uses advancements in JavaScript to take them to the next level. Accessing and tracking state is done via Proxies, which allows our components to work with pieces of state that are readonly, but always stay up to date with the store. This means you can pass them around like you would normal JS objects. It also means, that your components can track dependencies of every computation or HTML element binding in a maximally fine-grained manner, for example, if you render a string from inside your store in a div element - SolidJS will capture exact property providing this value as dependency for text of the div, and when you update that property inside the store - text of the element will be synchronously updated. This also means, Virtual DOM is not needed (you can even have HtmlElements detached from DOM, yet still react to state changes) and rendering is super fast!

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